One Down

01 Feb

January flew by kind of fast, next thing you know it will be time for the Super Bowl!  Oh yea, that’s this Sunday.  Hard to keep track of all of these important dates.

Here, January was really different than the ones past, mostly sunny and very dry.  I was able to hang clothes out to dry almost every day when normally you are lucky to get two days in the month to dry clothes!

One big reason, no rain!





Our biggest rain was a little over 1/2 inch which hardly amounts to much here.  It will be dry in just a few hours from a little rain like that.  It rained mostly during the night since the sun was always shinning during the day.  A lot of folks left here looking a bit lobsterish for their trips back home.


I am hoping that this month we will make up for lost time, I really don’t want to start watering the garden again to keep things from dying.

Crime has been kind of normal, at least no shooting or stabbings.  When I read papers like the Chicago Tribune, this place really is paradise. Not one day goes by in Chicago without at least reporting 15 murders, shootings and other associated crap.

Oh well, time to get back to being tranquillo, pura vida!

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