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Pescando en el Mar Caribe

This morning I got an early phone call from Marvin, our friend and carpenter.  He wanted to know if I wanted to go fishing.  Since he had finished building his new boat I said sure.

The sky was gray and overcast and it had been raining this morning, but throwing caution out the door I thought I would give it a try.  Well, it did wait until we were way off shore before it started raining and it rained pretty much the whole time.  With only a t-shirt to keep me dry I am sure you know what happened.

marvin and boat

Here is Marvin (sitting on the front of his boat he built) before it really started raining.  You can see it off to the right coming in.


This is looking back at our beach from off shore.

ruff water

This is looking down the coast at Cocles.

catch of the day

And this is part of the fruits of labor, a small tuna which will be consumed tonight!  Within a hour we (they) caught 2 mackerels, a Tuna and a fish I had not seen before.  Next time when (if) I go out again, the sun will be shinning and the sea calmer.  No fun freezing in the rain!


Pura Vida…………..

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Holy Saint Week, Batman!!!!!!!

Yes, it is that time of year when the hordes of Ticos descend upon the beaches to PARTE.  For the next week we will be entertain by some of the best loud boom box music in the world.  We will be able to enjoy these great tunes at least until 5AM each morning, just in time to get up and greet the day.  We also have a special feeling this year, most Ticos are pissed off at the US for having snow during the soccer match (which by the way was the only way they won) and adds much needed spice to this week of drinking. 

La Tricolor perdió anoche 1-0 ante Estados Unidos en Denver, Colorado, en una cancha que más bien parecía una refri por tanta nieve. (Fotos: EFE y Zorro)

Jugadores califican de ‘inaceptable’ ‘vulgar’ e ‘increíble’ partido eliminatorio en la nieve

This would be like playing the Super Bowl in the desert at 140 degrees heat!  Shame on mother nature for pulling such a prank!

So this weeks should live up to abnormal standards, especially since the weather has been perfect, hot sunny days and no rain.  Also new this year is we can drink all week long!!!  No more dry days like in the past were the law prohibited selling alcohol on Thursday and Friday, the restaurant owners are happy about that, in the past they would end up loosing thousands of dollars (colones) as a result of this law.  People would still drink, they would just buy out the stores on Wednesday to get them thru until Saturday.  Happy Easter!

Pura Vida………

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Alien Invasion

Yesterday afternoon as I was walking the dogs on the beach, there was a group of guys putting on these flying parasails.  It’s nothing but a big fan strapped to your back to propel you thru the air.

flying high

As you can see from the photo, this guy was way up there flying over the forest and beach.  It was a perfect sunny day too!!






This guy has a GoPro camera on his helmet so I hope that they post the videos on the internet somewhere, sure would like to see those!


This would have been really cool to do but maybe some other time. It’s not like they were giving out rides!



Our hawk is still with us, it also has offspring too.


Our pepper plant finally has fruit stems and we hope fresh black pepper is just around the corner.


This mantis was praying on our gate the other day, it’s all of about 2 inches big, but I am sure that it is just as deadly as the next.

Well it is almost spring time so with that the rains should return, we are still running low for the year.  Pura Vida………

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March Roaring In

Pounding Waves on the Beach

With cold fronts come big waves and this is no exception!  The water was up to the road today and basically no beach to walk the dogs on.  This also brought us some much needed rain.  Not a good day for swimming that’s for sure!

Pura Vida!!………

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Ah, Springtime in the Rain Forest

Well we have made it to March and no more weeks of winter!  Actually I guess you could say “no weeks of winter”!  February was a mix of Sun and and little Rain.  Very hot with only a few cool days sprinkled about.



The days of rain we had were very light rains, not much to speak of really.



We did have a little more rain this year than last, but only 0.3 inches so I would say the same.  The other thing I did was to compare the different rain gauges to see how far off I was with my totals.  All I can say is that each one is different!


For the past couple of years I have been recording rain using the Timex Rain Gauge and as you can see it records the most rain, especially when it rains a lot.  So I will have to do some calibrating to match the Timex.  We’ll see how this month goes before changing things around.  I just hope we get some rain so that can happen.  For the past two months we have had a lot of dry air over us which looks to be moving away allowing for more rain to develop!  Red and orange colors is the dryer air, blue moist air.


We shall see how March shakes out.  Pura Vida!

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