Ah, Springtime in the Rain Forest

01 Mar

Well we have made it to March and no more weeks of winter!  Actually I guess you could say “no weeks of winter”!  February was a mix of Sun and and little Rain.  Very hot with only a few cool days sprinkled about.



The days of rain we had were very light rains, not much to speak of really.



We did have a little more rain this year than last, but only 0.3 inches so I would say the same.  The other thing I did was to compare the different rain gauges to see how far off I was with my totals.  All I can say is that each one is different!


For the past couple of years I have been recording rain using the Timex Rain Gauge and as you can see it records the most rain, especially when it rains a lot.  So I will have to do some calibrating to match the Timex.  We’ll see how this month goes before changing things around.  I just hope we get some rain so that can happen.  For the past two months we have had a lot of dry air over us which looks to be moving away allowing for more rain to develop!  Red and orange colors is the dryer air, blue moist air.


We shall see how March shakes out.  Pura Vida!

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