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Abril, YA!

Well each month passes and Semana Santa is finally over with.  Lots of people here this year and smiles on all of those who served them!  I think the biggest sale  this year was, of course, beer!  This year Limon opted out of the Ley de Seca which prohibits sale of sprits on Thursday and Friday during this week.  Yea!

Recently I took a trip to San Jose for some much needed car repair work and left here early in the morning and made it to downtown San Jose in 3.5 hours.  That was a fast time for this route, usually it is about 4 to 4.5 hours.  After picking up my car the next day and doing some much needed shopping at our local Home Depot, I left San Jose around 9:45am and arrived home around 4:30pm.  So you might ask why sooooooo long on the return trip?  The taxi cab drivers were protesting against the government and their inability to get rid of the pirates are the unlicensed taxi’s and taking money from the real cabs.  As they say, “Un cuenta que nunca acabar”! (The never ending story).  They blocked every major highway system in the country causing massive traffic jams.  The first one I ran into I sat there for 2.5 hours, the second one was 45 minutes.  Needless to say it worked, the government cratered and said they would begin policing the pirates with more officers, 40 instead of just 1.  You can imagine this would have been really hard to pull off in the US.  Here once you are on the highway, it is the only one, no other choices, no where to go.


We ended up getting some much needed rain this past month, leaves on the trees have almost stopped falling off.  Hopefully it will continue during April, we average about 12 inches and 4 has fallen already.


Jana’s cousin is coming next week for a quick visit so we’ll be busy cleaning, Pura vida!!

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