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La Terraza atras

A while ago we were thinking about building a small casita on the other property for viewing the yard, guests and possible rental.  But after thinking about it, a better idea came to mind about putting a deck off our bed room for a place to sit and watch the birds.  Not only was it much cheaper, it also removed the pain of the possible renting and having to deal with other people living right next to us.  That’s why we bought the lot was to prevent just that!

So I talked Marvin into helping me do this project.  Since it was going to extend past the amapola, I had Pedro come in and dig them up and transplant them along the fence where it is too shady for them to grow big.  After that we laid out the space and starting digging.





So in total we needed six holes about 3 feet deep for the foundation.  It is earthquake country after all.  That took almost a whole week to finish.  Like I told Marvin, in the states this would have taken a day and a half to do, but this is hand built.








IMG_1328 I am going to tile the columns so they look finished.


This is what $700 of materials look like, the wood leaning up against the car port, on the ground and the 20 bags of sand and 4 bags of cement.

IMG_1243 IMG_1244

And now the fun begins with sanding and treating the wood before putting anything up.  It should only take us another month or so!!!!


Pura Vida……..

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Big Bang Month

 So July has rolled around and so I am sure everyone is looking forward to days off and big fireworks.  I guess you could say hotter than a firecracker on the 4th of July!!!!

June ended quietly with a little bit of sun to make the day bright and cheerful.  We did have a lot of good rains to green things up a bit.



imageCompared to the other years we did have a bunch more, so we are starting to make up for lost rain! 



So far this year the average daily temperature has been 26.5 C or about 79 F.  Not bad considering where we are located.  Being 9.5 degrees north of the equator you would think it would be hotter!

before1 before2

These are before and the others are after the removal of the hedge.  I transplanted them in areas that needed more.  Now we can start putting the deck on the back of the house.

after1 after2

As soon as we can get the materials it will take about a month to finish.  I will wait until the end of the month before we do the roof.  Last year it rained 25 inches in July, not a good time to do a roof!

Pura Vida……

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