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August, Gone in 60 Secs.

August was a month of many things happening.  Not only was I able to start building our deck but also our third year here since moving here in 2010.  Seems like only yesterday!

With the rains finally letting go the construction of the deck became top priority and I am almost done, it has taken it’s toll on me for sure.  Many long hours and hot sunny days working in conditions I am not really used to.  But between Marvin and me, we were able to make things happen.  We started on the 6th of August and got the post set for the support of the new roof.  We then tore off the old roof to put on the new one.  Once we got that done the rest was easy, kind of.

IMG_1390IMG_1391IMG_1411IMG_1413IMG_1427IMG_1408This is how you join two pieces of wood for a structure.  It’s really strong.  IMG_1435After cutting out the window to allow for the doors, we got them hung but still waiting on the screen doors to arrive. IMG_1437 IMG_1449         How it looks from the yard.


July was a record setting month for rain.  This was one of the main reasons we could not start work on the deck, a house without a roof in this weather is not good.  Hoping to get this wrapped up this week as I will be off to immigration the first week of September to get my residency renewed for another two years!!`


Pura Vida………..

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