Spooky Time Again

02 Oct

Hard to believe it is October already, frost will soon be on the pumpkins, but wait we don’t have pumpkins or frost!!!  Ok, that’s better. Last month was a whirlwind of things, finally finished the deck, got the car inspected and went to get my residency renewed for two more years.  Needless to say the car passed inspection and my brand new cedula arrived in the mail Monday so we will be legal for another two years!!!!  I was worried that they might not renew since they said I needed a letter from a bank stating I changed the allotted amount of dollars into colones, even though I had a bag of bank receipts showing that exchange.  But now since the rules to the game have changed once again, this is no longer required.  It’s hard to keep up with moving targets sometimes.

September was also the second driest month in the past ten years (2003).  Water rationing and dry wells are the norm now, at least our well is doing fine it pays to live close to a river, although the river is just a trickle.  Our average temperature was 27.5 C which is a degree higher that normal.  Global warming???  Perhaps, but if we don’t get rain soon, a lot of plants will wither away.



IMG_8392 Just a few small things left to do, but pretty much done.  Now if we could only get rid of our noisy neighbors this would be the perfect place all the time to enjoy the nature.  Much better than the screaming, fighting, yelling, crying and barking dogs we have to deal with now.  I am sure not all Europeans are this disrespectful, but these guys take the cake!!!  One can only hope that they move on to bother someone else soon!

IMG_8390 Today’s sun rise so it looks like another HOT day ahead!

IMG_8391Busy morning beach!!!   Life is a beach, Pura Vida!!!!

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