Crusing til the rain returns

14 Oct


For a rain forest it sure has been really dry lately.  Since the beginning of August we have only had about 6 inches of rain, normally we have around 20 inches.  We are waiting for November to come and bring back the rain.  I know a lot of people don’t like the rain much but it sure does make things nice and clean.  No more dusty roads, no more dead leaves falling from the trees and very few tourist. 

I only have a few small things left to do on the deck before I can call it completely finish, but I am close.  The deck added an additional 137 sq ft of outdoor living space and by American standards it was fairly inexpensive.  My sweat equity was small. 

It sure is nice to be able to site in the early morning and watch the birds and sloths as they make their rounds finding food.  A humming bird has decided to make a nest in the avocado tree I wanted to move so that will have to be put off for a month or two.

deck 1s

 deck 3s


We can only hope that the rains return soon, a lot of folks are really tired of the water rationing or not having water at all.  The river next to us is a small trickle of water when normally it is flowing.  Asi es la vida!

Pura vida!!!…………..

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