A Visit from the Museo Nacional de Costa Rica

18 Oct

Wednesday we had a group from the Museo Nacional de Costa Rica come and talk to us here in Puerto Viejo about the Blue Morpho Butterfly.  The main part of the program was to introduce ways of making sure it survives.  As part of this program, the Museo provided free plants to those who showed interest and came by to plant them for you and explain how each plant played its part in the life cycle of the Morpho.  We were provided with four different species of plants Thursday afternoon.  It rained later that night!!!!!!


planting 2 Providing the helping hand!!! I asked if there was a program like this for the Pacific side, he replied that there was no interest unlike here in the Caribe Sur.

planting1 Making sure the tree is properly planted.


Guaba de Chilillo (monkey tail) This tree acts as host for the Morpho to lay its eggs.

chaperno       chaperno

Chaperno is like the lilac bush.  This provides a place for the larva and chrysalis to mature.


Matasano (white sapote) this fruit provides food for the Morpho, very sweet.  Also the monkeys love this fruit.

manzana de aguamansana

Mansana de Agua (water apple) provides food for the Morpho as it drops from the tree and spoils.

Of course this won’t happen over night, but you have to start sometime..


Pura Vida!!!

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