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Turkey Time Again

 Time just keeps rolling by.  Before you know it everyone will be sitting down enjoying a family meal with the ever so traditional stuffed turkey.  We again will opt for the more traditional chicken, it is hard to sallow a $80 turkey.

We did pick up a little rain last month, but still no enough to make any difference.  Fingers are crossed that this month will bring the moisture that the rainforest is in need of. 



It has been fairly quiet here since there are few tourists.  Only a few robberies and a few shots fired.  It kind of reminds me of the old west, one or two lawmen and a town full of crazy drunk cowboys!!  Here we have four lawmen (at any one time) and a large population of drunk cowboys.  One main reason why we opt not to go out on the town at night and avoid those crazy cowboys. It’s no different than spring break 24/7, things happen and sometimes get out of hand.

The winged migration is happening once again, the skies are filled with raptors as they fly from the north to the south for a warm winter.  We are also starting to see birds of a different feather so hopefully that will make for interesting watching.

Most of the projects are winding down with the coming of the rains.  I hope it rains hard and long to help drown out the loud noises from our neighbors, the screaming, crying and dog barking is getting really old.  I just wonder if all Europeans are this disrespectful to other people.  Maybe it is just normal for them to be screaming, crying and barking.


Pura Vida!!!

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