A December to Remember

01 Dec

Well I am not sure about December, but November was one for the books!    We had more nice days this November that last year for sure, but along with that we had some not so nice days.  One of our neighbors trees decided to take over a corner of our property.  I sat there watching it as it fell and came crashing down missing our bodega by a couple of feet.  It did smash the fence and amapola all to hell, leaving gapping holes.


IMG_8630 IMG_8636 IMG_8639 IMG_8633

IMG_1615   Before




Basically this tree had no root system just growing on top of the ground.  So after a little rain and a puff of wind it decided to come crashing down.

At least we made up in the rain department this past month.





So at least we made up for the dry months and now we will be into the full rainy season for a while.  Most of the time it just rains during the night but every now and again we get those cold fronts from the north country that brings all day rain.

Another exciting event happened here in Playa Negra, The Point Bar launched the party barge.   It took all day and lots of drinking, but they managed to get it off the beach and into the water.  The seas have grown higher and the waves are really starting to pick up.  To be out there drinking on something like that in the ruff water would make any one really sick!  It’s kind of a long swim to get out there, and so far I have not seen any one going for it.  So there she sits waiting for the first party to happen!




Pura Vida!!

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