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When does the no rain season start?

Well that is the $64 million dollar question.  The National Weather Service just published their prognosis thru June 2014 and it doesn’t look good from a rain stand point.  The Caribbean is predicted to be below average again.


This may sound good for those who enjoy afternoons on the sunny beach, but  the Caribbean has been getting less than average rain for at least two years, and the impact on agriculture and the water table has been significant. In addition to water supplies drying up, much of the country’s electricity comes from hydro-electric plants. Without rain, the more expensive oil fired generators will have to be used, which means ICE gets a bigger part of our income .  Damn that global cooling!!!!

Some of our friends, who do not have deep wells, are starting to drill them which means even more of a drawn down on the water table.  I am just glad, that for right now, we don’t have a lot of neighbors who have wells so I hope our well makes it until the rains start to pick up again.  Anyone know a good rain man???

We can only hope that the weather guy is wrong, after all  it is Costa Rica.  Pura Vida……….


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The Rain has left the Room!

We are almost have way thru March and there is no rain in sight.  The weather service says to expect dry conditions thru the end of March.  What happens beyond that no one knows.  All I know is that if we don’t hurry up and get some significant rain fall soon, this place will blow away!  I see water trucks everyday bringing water in for the hotels and restaurants to service the tourists.  Water rationing is the norm when they turn on the water from 7 til 9 in the morning.  Without the rain, there is no water in the rainforest!!!  The last really big month for rain was in July 2013.  It has made a lot of tourists happy to have sun coming from the cold frozen northland, but for us that live here we could do without the sun for a while.


If you subtract out the month of July, we have had only 51 inches of rain over the past seven months.  A lot of peoples wells have dried up for the first time in a long time!  Living without water is a very big deal and if you have never had the experience it changes your whole life.  Our well has been holding up so far and I hope it makes it thru to the next rainy cycle.

The other big down side to being dry is that people burn!  They burn the dead trees, the dead leaves, the dead everything to the point where it becomes hard to breath.  The smell of the burning leaves almost make you gag and the pure clean air stays contaminated longer without the rain to clean it.  If the winds are not in your favor you are in for a long day!

The trees are also dropping their leaves to conserve on water.  Some of those trees support the wildlife such as the sloths who depend heavily on tree leaves to survive.  It’s not uncommon to see more that one sloth in a tree, we had two in our tree in the back for over a week.

As I pick this up again, the rain has returned today.  A small weather disturbance has brought us clouds, cool breezes and rain!!  Only a half and inch so far but we we take anything we can get right now.



This is one of the reasons why there are so many tourists here, bright sunny days for sun burning!!!!  I see a lot of ghosts walking on the beach and with this much sun it makes for some very uncomfortable nights.  You need SPF70 to protect yourself with this much sun!!  Usually in February we are lucky to have 6 days of sun, but this last month almost everyday was a laundry day!!

So now we wait until the next onslaught of vacationers during Semana Santa (aka Easter) in April, the last big holiday before winter, right??  Not sure why they call the raining season winter, but hey who am I to say.

Pura Vida……………………………………

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