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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Well, the dominating dry air mass that has been plaguing us over the past six months has finally given way to moist air and with it the rains.  We have had more rain this month that the past three so I have my fingers crossed that the national weather service will be wrong in predicting a much dryer time thru June.  So maybe flowers will appear next month indeed!!

This month has been a wide one too, not to mention Semana Santa which has just concluded (Yea!).  Gone are the crowds and loud music for yet another year.  Maybe now we will be able to find food in the stores and money in the ATM’s once again.  Maybe the price of everything will go back down, one can only hope.  Probably not………

Our female Husky tore her ACL this month too.  After two long trips to San Jose and a visit from our local Vet, I think she is finally on the mend.  Upon getting her home from San Jose we noticed that there was really something wrong with the way she was moving.  Within a couple of days we found out what it was.  The metal wire that was used to help secure her knee had been cut and the shape pointy end of it was sticking thru her skin basically cutting all of the sutures leaving a gapping hole.  Over the weekend our Vets showed up on Saturday and were successful in repairing the damage.  So the dinning table became the operating table.

wire    This is not photoshopped!

vets  kaya

We have also had some visitors of the creepy crawler types.  A little green vine snake and a bird eating snake.  Most of the time we don’t see any snakes here, maybe because of all the loud noisy roosters our neighbors have!!!  As you can see it pays to have screens!

 vinesnake bird snake


As this month comes to a rapid close we are hopeful that next month will be better and that Kaya heals quickly so she won’t have to wear the cone around her head to keep her from tearing out all those stitches.  She really does not like it! 

Like always, Pura Vida!

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No Foolin Here

For sure there is a full drought on.  The well drillers are making a good living this year for sure.  The problem is that most people can not afford a well and depend on the city water system.  The folks in Cocles get water every other day for only 4 hours in the morning so you can imagine when all those taps are turned on at the same time if you are at the end of the line all you get is a small trickle. 



So far this year we have had 13 inches of rain, normally we get 35 inches by now so we are about 63% below average.  I am having to change the scale on my charts so when it does rain you can actually see it.  The weather service has come out with its prognosis for the remaining year and it looks like we will remain very dry thru the end of June.  July thru December should be back to normal but will have a lot of catching up to do.



A by product of all this dry weather has been the sunsets and sunrises!  It may look like rain but not a drop to be had.


Hopefully all of our plants will make it thru this very dry time and come out kickin butt when the rains finally do return!   Pura Vida (seca)……………

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