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Half of May to go


Wow seems like the time just flies here lately.  Even though it is slow season here (which is nice and quiet) the days speed by.  Last month was a banner month for rain (finally)!  All of the trees that have been bare of leaves over the past several months have finally come back to life and are green once again.


It has been raining during the early morning hours lately and then clearing during the day making it very warm and moist to say the least.  I think our poor dogs suffer the most but spend most of the day under the fans and on the tile floor.

For the past couple of months we have had a sloth living in our tree in the back yard, seems to enjoy herself but has since moved on the greener trees.  Before she left, she gave us a parting shot.


Also we had the opportunity to see the full moon again, normally obscured by clouds.


Such is the life along the Caribbean Sea, fast yet slow.  Pura Vida‚Ķ.

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