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Sum, Sum, Summertime

It’s summertime and the living is Pura Vida!!!  What else can one say about summertime here in the Caribe.  It’s hot, it’s humid and there are no vacationers!!!  This the “low” season when the town becomes the locals once again.  No more looking for a parking spot, standing in long lines at the ATM, or running out of food at the grocery stores!!  Yes, it is tranquilo time.

After a quick trip back to the maddening crowds of the USA, it good to be back amongst the green, ocean waves and slow motion of the Caribe.  About the only thing I did not miss while in the USA was this fuc….. rooster from next door.  This mother of all roosters crows around 330AM and does not shut up!  I don’t know why people think that they need a rooster for hens to lay eggs, they do that fine without the help of a rooster!  Worst animal ever!

May turned out nice even though it is the transition time from dry to wet here.  We had a good mixture of sun and rain to keep things growing.



I brought back some new parts for the weather station so that is back up and running, a new rain gauge and of course the million other things you think you need to survive here.

As Don Henley once said, “The Heat is ON” as it should be since summertime is here!  It’s kind of funny since the Josefinas call this time winter, after last winter in the states I think there has been a new definition of what winter really is, just ask a Minnesotan. 

Well its back to the peace and quiet of the Caribe, Pura Vida……………….

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