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July, July

Half way thru the year and it seems like it has only begun.  Lots of things have happened over the past month or so, Costa Rica almost won the world cup title for soccer, almost.  They did much better than expected especially with the group they were put in, they could have gone out in the first round but did not.  The team returned home Tuesday to a heroes welcome from all the people of Costa Rica grateful for the effort in bringing pride to a small country and leaving as one of the top 8 teams in the world!!!

Everyone was surely fixed to the TV watching and waiting to see another win!  I remember last world cup (2010) and without Costa Rica involved only a hand full of people gathered in the few bars showing it and made little noise when a goal was scored.  This year it was much different, hundreds of locals and tourists gathered, watching and waiting to see if their team would advance.  Loud noise makers and shouts (Vamos Sele!) could be heard all over town at each close miss or save.


 IMG_20140629_151304945 IMG_20140629_165516384_HDR IMG_20140629_170421751_HDR

Very different than the last world cup for sure.  One of the team members lives in Cocoles and will be honored this Saturday with a party so everyone can thank him for all his efforts.

Other things happening has been fixing the house.  Long over due to make the house our own and with a couple of gallons of paint what a difference it can make!  We painted the living/kitchen area and our bedroom for right now.



We fixed all the cracks in the walls and made it all look like new.  Sanded and varnished all the the cabinets too!  It’s been five years since the house was built so it was about time for a little fixin up (un manito de gato).  The weather can take it toll on things, especially wood.  I was also able to change out all of our lights to LED lights which will help save on electricity and now am able to use them without worrying.

Speaking of weather, the rain gods have returned in a big way, over the past couple of days almost 8 inches has fallen and it still is!  June was wet also so I think we are well on our way to make up the difference when we had no rain.



So far this month, we have had more rain than all of June so time to buy a boat!  Just waiting on the sun to do laundry, hopefully soon!  Pura Vida………………….

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