Who’ll Stop The Rain?

04 Aug

Oh I wonder, yes I wonder, who’ll stop the rain?  After 32 days of measurable rain, waking to blue sky’s today was a real sight for gray colored eyes!   July was a record setting month with almost 32 inches of rainfall. 





I am using three different rain gauges to see how close each one records and so far they are all really close.  We haven’t been able to have the gardener come to cut the garden in almost 2 months and right now the ground is soo wet it will take a week of sun to dry it out so he can chop it.

So with all this wet weather I was able to finish painting the inside of the house and will finish the outside today.  I hope the get the outside of the bodega done this week so will have everything with a new coat of paint.  It’s been five years now since the house was built so we figured it was time to get this done!

IMG_1893 IMG_1894 IMG_1895  IMG_1907IMG_1898 IMG_1906

Before                                                          After


Before                                                        After


Last one to do

We had our little visitor come hang out for a while in our back yard.  I whistled at her and she turned around to look at me.


This little guy fell from a tree and landed out in the road so I chased him up a fence post to get him off the road.


One of the first passion fruit flowers I was able to photograph before the rains ripped off the petals.


With August finally here I am hoping the rain will stop and the sun will shine.  Pura Vida…………..

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