Temporary to Permanent

17 Aug

A couple of weeks ago we drove to Limon to the immigration office to solicit for permanent residency.  Once we got in the door it took less than a half hour and we were on our way back home.  Now comes the waiting, not sure for how long but we should have an answer before I have to renew my cedula next year.  Once we become permanent residents there won’t be any conditions or restrictions like we have now (libre de condiciones).  Had we gone to San Jose to do this it would have taken two or three days to get this accomplished, just finding the right window to go to is difficult and then talking thru the glass makes it even more impossible to get things right.

Recent events in the US have really been a bit disturbing.  It seems like the police are not there to serve and protect (the people) but only themselves.  Case in point:

police Capture WTF?

Is this Syria, Israel or Iraqi?  Here in Costa Rica you would never run into something like this, their army was disbanded in 1948 and all of the left over weapons they had have rusted away.  The US, on the other hand, seems to be building these army’s all over the place by placing weapons of mass destruction in the hands of “kind and gentle” folks, your local law execution (I mean enforcement) departments.  Is this really necessary?????  I hope this issue brings people out of their easy chairs to speak out and up to stop arming these “kind and gentle” folks.  How about a little gun control, this looks more like gun out of control.  Sorry NRA, but you need to STFU.

 We haven’t been able to kick the rain away yet as we continue to get a little each day (it’s raining right now).  The seas are still high and cloudy making it impossible for any snorkeling.  Prime time is just a couple of weeks away and am really wanting to hit the water.  My fisherman friend has been out diving and he said the currents were strong and could hardly see more than an arms length so I hope that improves soon and so does he!

There seems to be a steady stream of tourists this summer which is good for the locals.  Work is tight right now so every little bit helps.  I am hoping that the new government doesn’t wreck this industry by imposing new taxes on it, it’s the only real industry they have here (besides call centers and baseballs).  We will just have to wait and see.

Pura Vida………………………tranquilo mis amigos!

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