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The New Year

 Wow, 2014 kinda flew by, not sure though.  We can always look forward and hope for better times although we did have a pretty good time here in the Calibre Sur over the last year, way back in 2014.  It was an explosive night last night as the brave revelers welcomed in the new year, lots of fireworks and lots of frightened animals.  We live in an animal kingdom here and to intrude with this kind of noise does not bode well for the animal welfare.

As you can see we had a good year for rain, 152 inches in all which is a bit above average.  But in between all of this rain we had a lot of sunny warm days, enough to keep the laundry basket not over flowing. 




It seems like every year with a new crop of tourists we have the same ol kind of petty crime going on.  People walking in the dark carrying everything except the kitchen sink and losing it all to machete wielding kids trying to make a buck or two.  Even though you try to educate people not to carry certain items, iPhones fall prey to the robbers, god forbid if you can’t see the latest facebook post!!!!  Especially while you are relaxing on vacation.  I see so many people walking(?) down the street staring at their phone, you know it is kinda of pretty around here with lots of wildlife, the blue sea and such, if there is only some way we could put that on their screens to see, they wouldn’t miss so much.

Pura Vida, nothing more……………………………………………………

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