Trip to a Small World

14 Feb


One sure thing that has been lacking in the ol Caribe has been a place to go and shop for everything you didn’t know you needed.  Just within the past couple of months, a new Pequeño Mundo has opened up in Guápiles.  Now this may not sound really interesting to most, but for those of us on this side of the forgotten world it is a welcomed change and saves a trip in to San Jose.  Granted it is still a 2.5 hour drive from Puerto Viejo, but it does beat a 4.5 to 5 hour drive to San Jose.  I left at 8am and was back home by 230pm.  The nice thing is this place is the size of a Home Depot with plenty of room to walk up and down the isles without waiting 20 minutes for someone to decide on what color they want.  So instead of gong from store to store looking for things that most places don’t have, this is truly a one stop shopping event!!!  Now if PriceSmart would open up a store in Limon there would never be a need to go to San Jose!!!

IMG_20150204_103622921 IMG_20150204_103910324 IMG_20150204_104422476 IMG_20150204_104430679 IMG_20150204_104616166 IMG_20150204_104708865 IMG_20150204_104810193 IMG_20150204_104825272 IMG_20150204_104834655 IMG_20150204_105237683 IMG_20150204_105345497 IMG_20150204_105751393 IMG_20150204_105754923 IMG_20150204_105803104 IMG_20150204_110204353 IMG_20150204_110220982 IMG_20150204_110431215 IMG_20150204_110444278 IMG_20150204_112022981

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