Good News Week

11 Mar

Last August we went to Limon to apply for permanent residence.  I looked at the Immigration web site today and saw that our solitudes were signed and approved!! At least both of us were approved at the same time which will make it easier on us when we renew in three years, our temporary cedulas where two months apart causing separate trips to get renewed.  Now all we have to do is wait a while longer, probably make a dreaded trip to San Jose to pick up our paperwork and get our new documents.  This will eliminate a lot of restrictions that we know have as temporary residents. YEA!!!

February wasn’t too bad of a month weather wise, we had a lot of really sunny days which is not normal for this time of year and there was enough rain to keep most things green, but not so much that we got washed away.



Our trees have been filled with sloths lately, seen as many as 7 within the neighborhood and two in the same tree in our back yard.  Must be new growth of leaves and small fruits that’s brining them in.  The iguanas have been constant in the trees next to us, plus the birds have started the migration back north so lots of animals moving about.

The sea has been really wild lately and dangerous to swim in due to the rip currents.  Just recently we lost a tourist to the sea, so until it calms down a bit not a good idea to go swimming.  The local fisherman have not been able to go out either due to the high waves so needless to say, no fresh snapper lately.

Something kind of cool is that on March 20, the sun will rise at 90 degrees due east at 535am and set at 270 degrees due west at 542pm.  Almost 12 hours.

Semana Santa will be crashing down upon us once again in a week or two.  The yearly pilgrimage to the beach to party like it’s 1999!  Can’t wait………………Pura Vida

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