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Change Immigration Category/Status Processing Fee – $200.00

Cedula Fee – $123.00

Libre de Condiciones – Priceless

Back in August 2014 we applied to change our residency status from temporary to permanent.  On May 27, we finalized everything and will have our new cedulas in a week.  It took all of 30 minutes to do everything and I want to thank Eric Gonzales (who works at the migracion office in Limon) for his splendid service.  So now we won’t have to meet any conditions like before each time we renewed our cedulas, which will make life so much easier.

May sure has been one wet month, the third wettest since keeping records here since 2002. 


Needless to say things are really green here and we will have to wait to see what happens in June and July some of our wettest months of the year.  With the ground being so saturated I just hope the trees keep standing and don’t fall over.They seem to smash houses and take out power lines with ease.

Things always quiet down here during the summer, tourists are few, most of the places close and go on vacation so it’s really tranquillo.  There’s always food in the stores and the lines at the bank are short, when it comes to lines of people, Cuba doesn’t have anything on Costa Rica, I think the line was invented here!!!!

Chillin in the Caribe Sur, pura vida…………………………………..





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