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>Just Add Water


It was just about 2 years ago when we bought our house.  I just remember when we first saw it how barren everything was, after all, they had just finished building it and just began to plant.  So anyway after just two year of rain things have changed here a lot.

2009 JUNE

This it what it looked like in June 2009.

May 2011

This is what it looks like now, totally different.  It’s amazing that by adding a little water the landscape can change so much in such a short time.

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>Hand Me Down My Walking Stick


Growing up as a kid in Illinois, I found these all the time in the woods behind our house.  That was many years ago.  So today as I started to hang laundry I noticed this stick hanging off the clothes line (yes the clothes line is used ICE telephone cable, it’s called recycling).   I could not resist and grabbed the camera to show you this strange looking creature.  Granted the ones in Illinois did not look anything like this guy.


hanging stick

24/7 Discovery Channel here in the rain forest.

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>In the Neighborhood


Well it seems like the mom and baby have made this area their neighborhood.  This would be the third time we have seen them crossing from one side of the road to the other using the wire as a means to stay above reach of the dogs who run lose around here.  Our dogs don’t, we have them fenced in or on leash when we head out somewhere.  It is a shame how many of these animals are attacked by lose dogs, once on the ground they are defenseless. 

Here you can see how the mother moves along with her little one.
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>No Power


There are some morning when you wake up there is no electricity and feel powerless.  The main irritating factor is you can not make coffee, the juice of champions.  So instead of getting up tight about it there was only one thing left to do.  Take the dogs for a walk on the beach.  This morning was really quiet, no sounds other than the normal birds that announce the coming of dawn.  Once we reached the beach you could see why, no waves!  OK maybe a 6 incher but nothing like we normally have between 2 and 3 feet.  Could not even hear the water, very strange.


crowed beach large waves

starfish Upon returning to the house we were still without power so I thought I would take the time and wander around and take some pictures since the sun rise had such soft light.


new crop

We have a new crop of bananas growing in the back yard and should be ready in a few months. morning

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>Constant Battle


Living in the rain forest does present more challenges than normal life in the USA.  One thing are the insects that inhabit this part of the world.  A while ago I found that our garden was disappearing. The leaves were being striped by the leaf cutters and being hauled away underground to grow their fungus.  After talking with a local expert on the subject, he mentioned that by using a chemical called mirex, that these creatures would stop everything and carry it into the nest.  I finally found a place that sold this chemical in Bribri this morning and soon began to spread it around the tunnel opening of the nest.  This is the main entrance for the ants that carry the leaves, it has to be higher for them to fit the leaves.  So anyway, I sprinkled a package of this around this opening and it’s just like he said, they dropped everything to carry this into their nest.



You have to keep this up for a few days in order the get rid of the whole nest since the eggs hatch at different times.  I am hoping that soon our plants will be safe for a while, until the next attach from the creatures of the rain forest.

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>Rainy Daze


This morning when I got up I went out and emptied the rain gauge to see how much rain had fallen yesterday.  Only 1 inch, that was at 6AM this morning.  The rain gauge now has 3.5 inches in it and it is only 645AM.  The weather people said we could expect up to 5 inches of rain in the next two days.  Hum, I think maybe in the next two hours and then what.  Shades of November 2008 when it rained 15 inches and washed out the bridge into town.


Maybe time to get the boat out.  This is good for the trees, but I think the sloths are the ones who lose when it rains this hard, they just get soaked.

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>Another Project Done


Well almost, there is a difference here in Costa Rica between being done and being completed.  Anyway, we wanted to change out the fixtures in our bathroom.  Not to say the others where not ok, just that there wasn’t any room to put things especially with that small sink.  So, one day while we were in El Colon, the local ferreteria, we noticed that they had a special on toilet and sink combo.  At that point we could not let this deal pass by without taking advantage of it.  So we brought home and new toilet and sink.  The toilet went in right away, it is a one piece dual flush system to help save on water.  The sink took some time, we got these the first of March and now it is the first of May, so you see my point about construction here in CR.  Slow, but sure.

We had our local muebles carpenter build the cabinet  to set the sink on so it was a special build.  The cabinet cost more that the sink and toilet combined but well worth it.  We now have a nice sink and counter space to set things on without falling on to the floor plus storage underneath for extra things.


This was before.


This is after.  Much better.

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