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>After spending a bit more time relaxing and watching things around you, you begin to notice just how diverse the bio-systems are here in the rain forest. It may be hard to believe the chair I am sitting in is its own system of living organisms, some small some big. Just the other day there was a field march of tiny little ants (?)coming down the wall to apprehend a morsel of food that had been left behind. Their home was somewhere in the ceiling.

The Anole population tries its best to keep the insects down, but you know bugs, one goes and five take its place. Sometimes I wish more Anoles were in the house so I wouldn’t have to swat as much.

Everything here has its purpose, even us. We are the main supplier of blood to help flourish the bug biting population.

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>The Other Side of the Sun


Since it wasn’t raining yesterday evening we decided to take the dogs down to the beach for an evening stroll. We hadn’t see the sun out this late in the day before with all the afternoon showers we have been having. The carnaval people also probably enjoyed the break too. There is a small carnaval in town to celibrate the Art Festival going on. Each evening it has rained since Saturday when they were seting up.

Just as an aside, the howlers were moving closer to the house this morning and hope that they will be here tomorrow. We have never seen them before here in this neighborhood. All the Fig trees are dropping their fruit so there is plenty of food to go around.

Here is PV with the sun shinning on it.

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>Morning has broken

After a full night of rain, the one thing that makes this place so magical is the mornings. Listening to the falling rain lulls you to sleep and the cooler air makes it more comfortable. When the mornings come, and the dang rooster is crowing right outside your window, you wake up to a beautiful day of clear blue skies and lots of sunshine. The air is refreshed and ready to get hot and steamy to start the process all over again.

As you can see from the image that if surfing is your thing, now is not the time. Soon the swells will get even less and the ocean will turn to glass claim. Best thing is there are no rip tides so swimming is great.

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>Life in the Rain Forest

>Well it has been a whole week since we have moved down and getting things adjusted with the house, got me a new vehicle yesterday, a beach cruser! This will be my main point of transportation while living here (as soon as I get air in the tires), only taking the car when we need to get BIG things or go to San Jose.

The mornings are have been clear and bright and in the afternoon it clouds up and rains for a while. Really helps to cool things down a bit, plus water the yard (jungle).

Living here is different than say Colorado. Mind you, each has its own special things that people like, but having to chase poison dart frogs from the kitchen is probably not one of them. Seems they have taken a likening to our place of late. At least the dogs leave them along now.

The other thing about the rain forest is the mandatory walk on the beach in the mornings. This is all part of it, Kaya is still afraid of the water. The howlers were talking to each other this morning helping to livin up things a bit, the birds are always around and so are the neighbors chickens. I am glad I was able to get the fence up around the place to help keep the dogs from eating them. Not very neighborly having your dogs eating the chickens. The other dogs come around to check out the new species on the block, the fence also keeps them out, except for the really small dog down the road.

So life goes on, we don’t wear a watch any more since time really doesn’t matter, it’s either light or dark. If we have some place to really go then we can use them but other than that, no need for it.

Nos vemos!

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>Made IT


Well we left on Friday morning around 12AM and got down here around 5AM. The dogs made it without any problems and are now resting in peace. The nice things is that all of the neighbor dogs are stopping by to say “Halo”. So we know now that we will need to do some maintance to make our yard a little less accessable. Kaya found a new friend and was down the road playing with “Him”.

Our friends Rex and Susan made it too with our other four bags and have gotten things unpacked. The sun is shinning, clear blue skys.

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>Gettin down there

>Well we only have a few more days left before we jump on the big plane to head south. We have our USDA Certified #1 dogs all ready to go and all we need to do is make a few adjustments to the bags, weigh and re-weigh them and hope all gets loaded on the plane.

Tomorrow we head to Lake City for the last look at the mountains for a while, it will be a long drive, about 5 or 6 hours, depending upon the traffic. We will meet up with the grand kids for a few days and enjoy a TicToc Burger, the best there is!!! Green chile smothered burger, now that’s something to munch on, yum!

We’ll head back to Denver on Thursday, gather all the bags and dog crates and head on out to the airport that evening, say our goodbyes and get checked in. Once we get checked in we will meet up with our friends from Spokane and wait to load up.

Nos vemos!

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