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August (the dry season)

So far this month we have had just a little over two inches of rain and we are quickly coming to the end.  Normal is around 13 inches of rain.  I am not sure what is going on but I remember last year was a lot wetter.


I know that everyone on the other side is complaining about how much rain they have been getting.  I am complaining about all of my plants in the garden are starting to wither away.  With September approaching (the driest month of the year) I know a lot of people will be running out of water in their wells and will have very little back up in their tanks since it has not rained for some time now.  I hear thunder off in the distance as I write this (hoping that this writing will bring the rain) and have heard a lot of thunder this month, but not even a drop.  I am planning a trip to Biological Reserve Hitoy-Crerere tomorrow which requires crossing rivers, so if it holds off for one more day I am ok with that.

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One Year and a Few Days

OK, so it has been one year and three days since we moved to Costa Rica.  The more we live here the more people we meet and become friends with.  We have been working with our local barrio group to discuss security issues and identify problems that need attention.  We had a large turn out last we and even the chief of police for the Talamanca was there and fielded questions about how things work in Costa Rica.  Much to a lot of peoples surprise, things work really different here compared to other parts of the world.  Too many to list or even try to explain, it’s all part of Pura Vida.

You might be asking if we have any regrets???  NO, we don’t, moving here has been a wonderful experience, very low stress rate, no snow to shovel, no extensive wardrobes to maintain, never have to  search through all of the beers to find that special one, and best of all not having to listen to all of the bullshit politics crap that the GOP circus is putting out there for people to ooh and ah over.  If everyone still believes that lower taxes are the ticket to success, I have a bridge I want to sell them too, at a bargain price!!


Here is a shot from the other night as the sun was setting, we don’t get too many of these since it is usually too cloudy over the mountains and blocks the sun light.

Here I am painting the trim at the local police station as part of the community effort to make the station a better place to live and work.  Work still continues building a new jail cell, adding more roof space, shower and eating area.



So all in all, I have to say that this past year has been great and we hope to top that for our next year.  We have joined a Fantasy Football League down at the local bar so maybe if we end up winning (lookout Toby) that will make it even better.!!!  GO Playa Negra Chuckers!!!!

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Living on the Edge

I guess I have never thought about it before until yesterday while sitting on the beach watching the waves come in.  But we live on the edge of the ocean, I mean you look out from the shore and see nothing but water for miles and miles (ok 3 miles).  Anyway we took advantage of the good weather and went to our favorite snorkeling place by Punta Uva and I could not resist the opportunity to sit on the edge of the ocean and of course drink a beer!



While I was looking around I noticed the big tree along the coast was in bloom so I have to include that!!


blooming tree


The dive boat had to come and get in the way,  all of these guys were scuba diving off the reef about 1/2 mile out.  Ours was free!



And of course you can’t pass up the postcard shot of the leaning palm over the beach.  Just be sure not to sit under the coconut palms on a windy day as you might get big green bombs dropping on your head.


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Almost a Year (August 2011)


It has been almost one full year since we made our move to Costa Rica.  It has been a great change in life style for sure and as long as Tio Sam doesn’t mess with us I look forward to the next years here.  Besides working in the garden, the house has proven to be a contender in the maintenance department.  Nothing real serious yet, but without attention the result could turn into something serious.  The climate here is very hard on things like wood, cement and other materials your house might be made out of.  No different than living in the South were it is hot and humid most of the time too.





This past month we had about 12 inches of rain, average is about 13.5 inches for July.  We have one more month of rain (off and on) before the dry season hits in September and October.  After that, all bets are off since we normally see 18 to 20 inches in November and in December.  At least most of the plants in the garden have now taken root and should be able to survive without having to water them all the time.


We will be starting our first year with fantasy football at the “Point” and will be having our draft party on opening day of the year!  I have ns to who is no clue as to who is playing anymore so it should be interesting to say the least!   Yea, go team(?)!!!!

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