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2014 – Off with a Bang!

Even though time may pass here slowly,  it sure seems to be flying by.  Presidents day is almost upon us!    Speaking of Presidents day, we won’t know who the new President of Costa Rica will be until April when they have the run off between to two leading candidates.  Election day was held on Super Bowl Sunday (like always) so it led to a smaller turn out.  We won’t even talk about the Super Bowl………..Before you know it, it will be St Pats day.

We are like California, caught in a drought of great proportion.  We have not had any significant rain since last July and the trees are beginning to resemble Viet Nam after a fresh spraying of Agent Orange.  It is forecasted to last thru the end of March.  I hope not!  The Bananas that grow here require a lot of water to produce and right now a lot of the crops have smaller yields.

Some exciting news here is Luis Angle, a singer-song writer, has moved back to the area from San Jose.  We had the privilege to go see and hear him play last week at Stash’s con Fusion restaurant.  What a great voice and great songs, highly recommended if he plays there again!  I had to learn a lot of his songs in Spanish class so I was able to sing along!!!



The other thing of note was the “Party Barge”!  It fell victim to the sea one night when the waves got really big and smashed it all to hell!




Back to the old drawing board.

This is something else we normally don’t get to see very often, the Moon!  Since the nights have been cloudless the moon has been visible and the have been really cool, getting down to a bone chilling 70 degrees!


We had just a little over 6 inches of rain in January, normally we get 15 inches.  Since we only had a couple of days with an inch or more it really didn’t make a difference to the overall ground saturation especially with the big cracks in the ground starting to emerge again.  We need a really big rain soon!


And so it goes in the land of Pura Vida.  I did see something the other day that made me laugh, “Costa Rica the land of Pura Vida where we make easy hard!”

Entonces, Pura Vida!!!!

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