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Obama Was Here

Most of the news networks failed to inform most of the people that the President of the US was on a tour of Mexico and Central America, specifically Costa Rica.  I was really amazed that even the Washington Post made no mention of his trip.  How times have changed, thanks again W.


Anyway he was here for two days and I am not sure if anything really happened in the meetings he held with the other Presidents of Central America,  other than the “War on Drugs”, which is consuming the entire police force here as apposed to providing protection to it’s citizens.  Crimes go unsolved because all of the OIJ resources are consumed by the “War on Drugs”.  So that means that if you get robbed, you may not have anything resolved. Here is a good link to watch.


So during April we had two surprise visits from the Northlandia.  Jana’s cousin came down for a week with his son and an old family friend showed up on his birthday with his girlfriend.  Ross and Chelsi stayed with us for a week or so too!  Great to see everybody!!






As things warm up the dogs are feeling the heat this year for sure.  Hope for cloudy days ahead!!  Pura vida!

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