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One More For The Books

 2014 promises to be a good year, not saying that 2013 was a bad year, and will mark our third year as temporary residents.  With this comes the privilege to once again brave the wild world of bureaucracy and apply for permanent residents!  Can’t wait, hopefully by then I will be able to navigate the language better.

I don’t for see any new projects this year, last year kind of wore me out.  So it will be full on to get the garden back into shape.  The first couple of months are supposed to be warmer and drier than normal (global warming?) so we won’t be able to plant anything new since it will require water!  Maybe just a few small transplants here and there to round things out a bit.

Here is a look at this years rain fall and daily average temperature.  Not bad considering we are 9 degrees north of the equator you would expect it to be a little warmer overall, but this year the average temp was 26.6 (80 degrees F).  The water does help moderate the temperature for sure, if we lived inland a bit it would be much hotter.


Our total rainfall was down a bit, 136 inches with normal being about 145 inches. 

Normally we don’t have this many sunny days during December, or at least haven’t in the past couple of years since we have been here.  Now if only the sea was calmer, it would be perfect for diving. 


So begins another year, can’t wait to hear about all the mud slinging and campaigning not only in the US, but here too. It is hard to believe that the Republicans want to turn the clock back and cast everyone into the dark ages.  We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed. Here in Costa Rica election of a new president is year and the field is full of you know what!  There is one candidate that does look promising, but he wants to do good for the country so he’ll probably not make it.  Vamos a votar, pero por ustedes, nunca mas!


This video sums up the feelings of the younger population here in Costa Rica.   I would think it would be the same in the US, but for some reason too much apathy has allowed our government to be held hostage.  Once a great nation, no more. 


Pura Vida…………….

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