Salva mi Puerto Viejo

10 May

I had another outdoor Spanish class yesterday.  Went took a bike ride down to Punta Uva and Playa Grande.  It was a great day, plenty of sun shine, calm seas and pleasant breeze from the water.


On the way there I passed some guys getting ready to go out and fish, the sardines are back which brings in the bigger fish to feed on them so life is good!



This road leads to Playa Grande.  It is a really impressive part of the rain forest here with lots of wildlife.

road to the beach


The road ends up here at Playa Grande.  A great beach to go bogie boarding and hang out.  Very quite place to be.

playa grande

We found this throne a ways down the beach, someone’s idea of a joke I guess.  They probably got this from the demolished hotel not far away!


May can give way to great days at the beach.  The water is calm and clear great for snorkeling.





This is the sign that is posted all over town and along the coast.  For good reason.  Last year the government closed down two hotels saying that they were affecting the environment and causing harm to the wet lands.  They brought in track hoes and demolished them, sort of.  As you can see from the pictures they did not leave the area very clean.  In fact, they caused more environmental damage than good.  It’s been over a year since this happened and as you can see, when the money runs out, so does the government leaving in it’s wake a  landscape of hollow buildings, debris and no one to finish the job.  Que lastima!

I am not sure why the government is so set on destroying such a beautiful place as Puerto Viejo, one can only hope that they come to their senses before they bring on the next wave of track hoes!   Pura Vida!








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