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This holiday is not celebrated here by most other than the expats.  Yesterday was no exception, normal day as usual.  For us a little football and then to a local restaurant  for a little turkey.  You can buy butterball turkeys here for only $70 if you want, which also involves traveling a great distance to get them too!!!  None the less a good time was had by all.

On the way to the beach in the afternoon I ran into a native trying to cross the road a head of us.  It turned out to be a Central American Bushmaster which is probably the most deadly snake in Costa Rica.  It stretched halfway across the road and still could not see all of it. If you get bitten by one of these and you don’t have the anti venom in your back pocket chances are you will not survive.  Very few have and those that have wish they hadn’t. 



So needless to say I am thankful not having to deal with something like that and so are the dogs.  Pura Vida!!!

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