Half Way Point

01 Jun

June is here, but not the tourists!  Seems like this time of years is nice, no lines at the ATM machine that circle around the block, food left on the shelves of the stores; life is good this time of year.

We are starting to make some headway on the rain deficit.  Last month we had 17 inches which is above our average.  No tornados or thunderstorms, but we did have a minor shake from the earth. The epicenter was about 20 miles southwest of us and for a 5.6 we sure didn’t feel that much.  Our house sits on the ground unlike most that are built on stilts, those folks where shaken out of bed.  I just thought it was one of the dogs scratching himself against the bed.  Since the trees were swaying I figured it was an earth quake.


There were 13 aftershocks that we did not feel.  Had it been like the one in 1991, a 7.6, I think for sure we would have been running for shelter!


Finally able to catch a Kinkajou in one of the trees the other night, they sure are noisy little things.


Found a blunt nose snake looking for lizards in our bougainvilleas, it did hang around too long.


This guy was taking in some lunch, been seeing a lot of them around which is a good thing!


This little one was sleeping out in our big tree right at eye level.  Took me a while to see it, thanks to Sophi.



We have had some tropical waves move thru here this past month which has helped with our rainfall.  We’ll see what this month brings!!


Pura Vida!!!!!


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2 responses to “Half Way Point

  1. Costa Rica - International Living

    June 1, 2013 at 3:27 pm

    Thanks for the update, especially the local weather. Costa Rica is well-known for its well-defined dry and rainy seasons. But your data shows that the Caribbean coast is a whole different story. It seems to have no set seasons, but rather rains when it pleases any time of the year.

    • treystot

      June 1, 2013 at 3:46 pm

      We live in the rain forest and the rain is a special part of that process, without it it would not be as magical.


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